Oct 15, 2019 | There is a lure to the ways of Italy. It’s an old place and they have been doing this for a long time. We are new and have things to learn from them. When I am there, I paint. It’s a diary of feelings and experience. It’s hard to say what it is I learn from painting. It’s like dancing about architecture. Perhaps we paint because there are no words for it. When I am painting, people will walk up and offer comments in Italian that I don’t understand. I think I get the intention and maybe that is what is most important. I will try to communicate in English and find myself using my hands and adding an extra ”a” at the end of every word like I’m in a Sophia Loren movie. It’s not something I mean to do. We can communicate in real time on social media. We have this technology but it all boils down to people connecting with people. When people meet other people from other countries, they discover something more important than our differences. We all live on this round rock spinning around a star. We share this place and it’s so important for us to get along. When you meet a real person you begin to understand. It’s something that doesn’t happen so much online. As much as I enjoy Italy, I am always glad to be home. Where two or three are gathered...Travel may save the world.

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  • When watching Palette to Palate, I feel as if I am there, thanks for the beautiful experience without my passport. Let me know when you open up. I want a print from the seaside.

    • Pamela Powell