Doing our part | Temporarily Closed

The Wyatt Waters Gallery will be temporarily closed to the public in an attempt to slow down the spread of the covid19 virus. When we feel things have gotten good enough to reopen we will post that announcement. I have thought about this and it seems like the only responsible thing to do. I don’t see any reason to wait till it has spread more to take this action. I am making a better habit of hand washing and I am avoiding crowds and I think it is something you should consider. If you see me out painting, I’m not going to hug you but I’ll give you a friendly wave. I’m not even hugging my mother. If she were to contract this at her age, it might kill her. I know you all have someone you know who might be on in years or have a compromised immune system or a health problem. They might not be able to handle this illness either. We are all going to have to do things differently for awhile to protect others. We should have always been protecting each other. Times like these make me understand we are in this together. Since we will be spending all this time alone, maybe we can also do a little meditation or prayer or whatever connecting with the universe each of us does. When it’s over perhaps we can better appreciate our fellowman and also figure out what’s important and what’s not. This will pass.

We still have our website and if you want to order we will gladly ship to you. If you find yourself walking on the brick streets of Clinton, take a look in our window. I’m rotating recent paintings for your viewing. I’m still painting as I expect you all to be doing the things you do.

Be healthy and we’ll see you soon.

– Wyatt



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