Gypsy Life

We’re having the best time traveling through this part of Georgia and South Carolina. Our camper is a 16 ft Casita that we pull with our “Pastormobile” which is a Ford Expedition. The former owner must’ve been a minister because of the stickers on the back glass. Everything is small inside the camper. There is a two cup coffeemaker. The bed sleeps two comfortably although the person sleeping on the outside must move to let the other out. It has a propane powered refrigerator. It’s still a mystery to me as to how heat makes cold. It has a kitchenette with a table for two. A kitchenette is a kitchen where you “et”.

Any opportunity for storage is taken. You have to really like the person with whom you are sharing the camper. It’s like traveling to the moon in a space ship. Hopefully not Apollo 13.

And now the question everyone wants to know and is afraid to ask: what about the bathroom? It is efficient but not commodious. I sit to shower using a handheld sprayer. The toilet works and no problems in that area. There is a sink for hand washing and brushing ones teeth. Sufficient. Enuf said.

In the camper, Kristi can stand up without any problem. I just about can, but can’t. The interior walls are padded with carpet. Like a padded room. Thank God we have an air conditioner and when needed, a heater. Of course we have windows to look out and observe the spacious outdoors.

Our modus operandi is to drive to our campground, park, setup camp, then venture out in the excursion vehicle for day trips painting the area. Sometimes I use my electric razor on the way to our location. Kristi is using the Nikon video with a few gopros and a drone to get footage.

The book is somewhat making itself as we go. There are specific places she maps out and other places we discover along the way. You can’t know too much if you want to discover.

We meet a lot of people on our journey. With all of our differences people are pretty much the same everywhere. Yesterday I met a student on a bike from SCAD and we had a good visit and talk about art. Then there was Johnnie sitting on a bench who sold handmade flowers . He said he had seen me painting a lot before but it must’ve been another ponytail guy. We all look alike.

We go back to our home-base/mothership for the evening and have hamburgers cooked by the lovely Kristi on our portable grill while sitting around a campfire. Cocktails included. By the way WD40 is an excellent fire starter when added to the paper trash we would otherwise toss in the garbage. I save myself five bucks and pick up wood during the day.

It’s a gypsy life for the most part. I hold my wife’s hand and tell her fortune: we will have a long strange trip together.



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  • My book, a gift from mine and LeRoy’s now adult so Ins, arrived! As they sat, I’m a happy camper, y’all!

    • Lynette Hanson
  • “You can’t know too much if you want to discover.” My favorite sentence from your story!
    Hence, we can’t discover enough if we want to learn! Love discovering through your painting and musings. Hope you never stop.

    • Renee