"It's always best to start at the beginning" – Glinda

It’s been an interesting 10 days. 

This project of painting the southeast has been in my craw for over 30 years. I’m 65. If I don’t do it now, I might not ever do it at all. One definition of the unforgivable sin is knowing what you should do and not doing it. It’s not that God doesn’t forgive but that we don’t forgive ourselves. That’s always the hardest to forgive.

Long ago, I had envisioned strapping RCA video camcorders to the inside of my VW camper to document the adventure. I even applied for a grant - which I did not get (I’ve never gotten any, now that I think about it.) While the technology has changed, the vision is the same: a view of this part of America with watercolors. Sort of “Charles Kuralt meets Bob Ross” - although a better comparison would be “Jack Kerouac meets John Singer Sargent”.

In any case, we have started. Along the way, we’ve run into a few people who’ve been angry or frustrated or skeptical but I believe that has more to do with the current situation(s) going on in the world. One on one, most people have been warm and personal - though keeping their distance. Interesting thing, you can still feel people smiling through their masks.

Oh, how could I forget? I also had a 3mm kidney stone - which I passed with great pain and vomiting, in the luxury of our 16 foot Casita camper, without using any #@$€£§££ words. It was a personal goal to see if I could do it (and I challenge all of you to that if you are ever find yourself in that situation). That lost us a little time, but I still produced 9 watercolors, of which I am proud.

On our way back home from Eureka Springs, our Ford Expedition gave us some trouble and is in the shop now, waiting for repairs. Sooooooo, we are camping in Clinton, Arkansas for a bit more hurry-up-and-wait action.

With all of the unexpected hurdles, it has still been a fruitful trip we look forward to continuing. Kristi took care of me through the kidney stone and has been a real trooper with the car woes. I know I have this in me and I have to get it out.

Hopefully not as painful as the kidney stone.

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