Looking for Faces

Whether it's a doorknob or a grouping of summer cumulus clouds, we are looking for faces. We are created to connect with others. There is no human vacuum that does not seek to pull in others. Whether we know it or not, we are drawn. I believe this is as real as the law of physics.

We live in a society of masses and cry for solitude but I think what we really want is something genuine to prove we are not alone. Facial recognition technology is new but only to computers. It is as old as humanity. A Tribe, a friend, a mate. We seek evidence that we are part of something bigger than our aloneness.

The first time I was overseas, after a few days I started noticing something. I would turn to see a stranger and for a spit second, I thought I recognized the face.

In art, the most difficult painting is the self portrait. Flattery is easy but honesty is a challenge. There is an uneasy risk to look into a face. It's a never ending pursuit. We seek our face in family because we seek our own. We seek our face in strangers because we want to know we are all part of something bigger.

I think what we are looking for is someone looking back.

To be brave, we have to trust what we seek.

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  • Perhaps you could post your own self portrait?
    All I have see is your photo, and you at Martin Miazza Gifts.

    • Jim Miller