Rising to the Occasion

I don’t usually take a day off and do nothing. I’ll usually find something to occupy myself. Yesterday I had my second COVID vaccine. Today I woke up with body aches and there were little people with baseball bats inside my head.

When I was in school I looked forward to sick days. I had an excuse to stay home and as soon as everyone left, I’d pull out my guitar and begin to write. The mild delirium of being ill produced a warped viewpoint making for some pretty good sounds. I would forget about the headache and concentrate on what the fever did to me. It turned my thoughts inside out so I could hear them.

As an adult, I’ve been pretty healthy so I haven’t had a sick day in a while. I knew there was a chance for complications with the second Moderna. I’m not worried. Just mildly inconvenienced. I took two extra strength Tylenol.

I am committed to the goal of herd immunity and want to do my part. I feel it’s right to protect everyone else . Even for the ones who think me a sheep.

Today I’m shot. No energy. I couldn’t even pick up a brush. I put a chair together and was worn out. I puttered around. I did nothing of much consequence. I did not feel guilty. Some days life requires of us to do nothing.

I will rise to the occasion.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

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  • Wyatt, I have 8 of your artwork pieces from your 2021 calendar framed and hanging, also the beautiful Mardi Gras Mask. If you would like me to send you pictures I will be happy to do so. Thank you for being you!

    • Karen Bailey