The Farther you Go the Grocer You Get

When I was in High school, I ran track. I wasn’t that good but I did it. I suppose I was in pretty good shape because I rode bikes a lot, as well. The 10-speed craze was in full swing and my friends and I would go to Rocky Springs on the Natchez Trace, camp for the night, and ride back the next day. There were days we would go there and back in a day. That’s close to 70 miles. One time I was pedaling with a couple of other friends and we got tired. They stayed behind to take a nap and I went on ahead because there was a grocery store right off the Trace where I knew I could get a drink. My two sweaty friends stretched out in the grass but it was too itchy so they decided to take a nap on the nice clean pavement and wave cars around since there wasn’t a lot of traffic that day. They didn’t look too carefully because when they waved a Smoky around he stopped and they got a ticket. It’s a national parkway. They had to go to court and write a paper on the dangers of sleeping in the road. I think they had to do some other things too. I’m sure it put a dent in their summer.

I, on the other hand, got my cold RC at this store and lived to tell.

As I was finishing up, I met the son of the owner. He told me he passed away last week.

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  • I just purchased your illustrated cook book last year…. Everything you express is beautiful — even though I am not in contact all the time you – you have touched my life in your expressions of painting. Thanks

    • Ron Alexander
  • This was my grandfather’s store before 1900. Later my uncle and aunt ran this for many years. Aunt Aden ran the store until around 1990 if memory serves me. It has just come back into our family recently after being sold by other family a few years ago. I have a picture of the original store. An addition has been built on the left side. Thanks for sharing.

    • Rick
  • This store is 3 miles from the house I grew up in. Been in it my whole life ♥️

    • Kelly Mitchell