Natchez, MS | Workshop with Wyatt | October 10 & 11

Natchez, MS | Workshop with Wyatt | October 10 & 11

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Embark on a captivating artistic journey in the historic city of Natchez, Mississippi, with master plein air watercolorist Wyatt Waters. Join us for a transformative workshop set against the backdrop of Natchez's architectural treasures, including Choctaw Hall, Myrtle Terrace, and the stately Rosalie mansion, all framed by the majestic Mississippi River.

In this workshop, Wyatt Waters invites participants to explore the art of 'seeing in color' as they capture the rich tapestry of Natchez's landmarks. Learn to infuse your watercolors with the vibrant hues of the city's history, allowing the unique character of each location to shine through your brushstrokes.

Wyatt's teaching goes beyond technique; it's a celebration of observation and interpretation. Participants, whether seasoned artists or beginners, will discover the beauty of Natchez through Wyatt's expert guidance. From the graceful curves of Myrtle Terrace to the grandeur of Rosalie overlooking the Mississippi River, each scene becomes a palette for your artistic expression.

The workshop will be held in the heart of Natchez, providing an immersive experience in a city known for its Southern charm and antebellum architecture. Join us for an unforgettable artistic retreat at the crossroads of history and creativity, where Wyatt Waters' teachings will empower you to see the world in a spectrum of colors and translate that vision onto paper.

Day One: We will start  on the grounds of Choctaw Hall for coffee and pastry to review the 

day’s objectives, and then Wyatt will do a demo painting while explaining what he is seeing and the impact on his painting choices as well as technical skills. Midday, we will break for a quick lunch and then spend the afternoon with a group paint session where you will practice what you learned that morning. Wyatt will work with you one-on-one as needed.  We will conclude the day with a group critique, followed by tour of the historic Myrtle Terrace with wine and hors d'oeuvres.

Day Two: Locations include Rosalie Mansion, with views to Under the Hill and the Mississippi River

Retreat Fee: $550 (includes breakfast and lunch meals for both days, Myrtle Terrace wine reception/tour, and Rosalie tour)

Dates: Oct. 10 - Oct 11, 2024

Painting Experience: Serious beginner & above. Drawing skills will be helpful.

Class Size: 15

Contact: Kristi Waters at or 601.813.1080.

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Choctaw Hall is just a two minute walk from numerous restaurants and attractions in Downtown Natchez. Choctaw Hall is situated right next door to the City Auditorium and less than a minute's walk from Steampunk Coffee Roasters which is a world-class coffee shop, and Smoot's Grocery Blues Lounge. It is conveniently within walking distance of the Natchez Grand Hotel that boasts a picture perfect view of the Mississippi River and the Bluff Park.

The Natchez Pearl  Our quiet neighborhood street offers unparalleled privacy in the heart of everything that downtown Natchez has to offer. Tanya is a wonderful host and a pleasure to work with and has a range of rooms and suites offering comfort, beauty and privacy will make you feel right at home.