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Oct 28, 2020 | Not quitting is an under-appreciated quality. If there is something you really know you need to do, don’t quit.



Oct 15, 2019 | There is a lure to the ways of Italy. It’s an old place and they have been doing this for a long time. We are new and have things to learn from them. When I am there, I paint. It’s a diary of feelings and experience. It’s hard to say what it is I learn from painting. It’s like dancing about architecture. Perhaps we paint because there are no words for it. When I am painting, people will walk up and offer comments in Italian that...

Excuse Me

Sept 21, 2019 | If you have to say “excuse me for saying this, but...” - I don’t need to hear it.
By the way, I’m having a great day.
Y’all have one , too.

Musings from Italy II

Musings from Italy II

Yesterday was an unexpected emotional day. The day before, Robert and I visited the American war cemetery and memorial. We had passed it many times on our way to Florence but never stopped. Like many parts of life, we don't always stop to hear the story.

But this time we did stop.

I did a painting and Robert walked around with Angel, the director of the park. Just as I was finishing, they walked up and Angel asked us if we would like to participate in the lowering of the flag. We were...

Musings from Italy

Musings from Italy

Tuscany has been my home for this past week and will be for a few more days. Roberto San Giovanni (Robert St. John) and I are leading a tour based on our book, An Italian Palate. My childhood understanding of Italy was through American movies, the music of accordions playing with mandolins, Sophia Loren, and Dean Martin. Maybe a little Pinocchio and Lady and the Tramp thrown in, too. It was a cartoon. My father was stationed in Northern Africa during WWII and would occasionally take a seat on plane flights to Italy as they supplied the...